Polyglot done right with GraalVM

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GraalVM offers a polyglot runtime where you can mix JVM languages, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, WebAssembly, and so on without the performance penalty for language changes. It allows you to write applications that take the best from the respective language ecosystems, For implementing a polyglot application well you need to know some GraalVM details: API, concurrency models for different languages, interoperability patterns, and so on.

In this session, we’ll go through the necessary minimum amount of information needed for writing good polyglot apps on GraalVM. Currently, there are a few companies that use GraalVM in production mixing Java (and Scala) with JavaScript and R. After this session you might be tempted to join their ranks!

Олег Шелаев

Олег — developer advocate проекта GraalVM в OracleLabs, организатор VirtualJUG и митапов GDG Tartu. В 2017 году стал Java Champion. Любит виртуальные машины, компиляторы, смотреть, как бегут бенчмарки, почти все языки программирования и немного шахматы.