Writing a Java library with better experience

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It is fun to write a library or a framework. It allows us to play with many interesting ideas that were not possible before due to the constraints in others' work. However, utmost care must be taken to build it great.

In this session, Trustin Lee, the founder of Netty project and Armeria, shares you the opinionated key practices from his recent works which might be useful when you build your own library or framework, or even designing an API for your project.

Trustin Lee
LINE+ Corporation

Trustin Lee is a software engineer who is often known as the founder of Netty project, the most popular asynchronous networking framework in JVM ecosystem. He enjoys designing frameworks and libraries which yield the best experience to developers. At LINE+ corporation, the company behind "LINE" the top mobile messenger in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, he builds various open-source software, such as a microservice framework Armeria and a distributed configuration repository Central Dogma, to facilitate the adoption of microservice architecture.