Intel Optane DC and Java: Lessons learned in practice

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Intel claims that Optane DC, non-volatile memory technology, brings affordable large capacity (even TBs and more) and support for data persistence keeping comparable speed to classic RAM. Imagine RAM-like storage, but half the price and even persistent! That sounds amazing for in-memory computing platforms like Hazelcast. We decided to research the technology and then implement the support for it. How did it go?

Join this talk to learn more about our journey of providing Optane DC support. We will answer to question like:

  • What is Intel Optane DC?
  • What are the pros and cons of it?
  • How can you use Intel Optane DC from Java?
  • How did the practical implementation go and what are the lessons learned?

The talk includes live demos showing the actual code working with Intel Optane DC as well as discussion about other aspects like cost and performance.

Jiří Holuša

Jiri is a devoted open-source software engineer that loves his work. Born in Red Hat, now being Quality Engineering team lead at Hazelcast, an in-memory computing platform open source company. Digging deep, never giving up on a problem until it's solved and enjoying this all the way, that's Jiri. Besides that, he loves any sport and as a true Czech person, he never refuses a pleasant conversation over a pint of beer.