The DGS framework by Netflix — GraphQL for Spring Boot made easy

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Netflix has developed a GraphQL framework for Spring Boot over the last 1.5 years. The team recently decided to open source the project, and aim to provide the best way to implement GraphQL servers in Java/Spring Boot. The framework is focused on a great developer experience, while it's also battle-tested by Netflix in production.

The talk starts with an introduction to GraphQL; how to create a schema and how to run queries and mutations. We'll also go into the benefits compared to REST.

The remainder of the talk goes into using the DGS framework to implement a GraphQL server with Spring Boot. The format of the talk is very developer focussed, showing the code to get a GraphQL service running, including tests. We'll also talk about plugging in things like metrics, tracing, and logging.

During the talk, we'll talk about how Netflix is using GraphQL and how they've found it to be useful.

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Paul Bakker

Paul is a senior software engineer at Netflix, with a focus on developer experience. He has a long history in the Java community, is a Java Champion and author of "Java 9 Modularity" and "Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi", both published by O'Reilly. In the past year, Paul has worked on the DGS Framework at Netflix which was open sourced in 2021.

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