CRIU and Java opportunities and challenges

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Java has evolved significantly in the past two decades. There are still users who want to run highly scalable monolithic applications, however, there is a new challenge presented by users who demand fast start-up and small footprints for cloud computing.

Checkpointing in Java can help both legacy and cloud users. Christine will show you how to checkpoint a simple application and then restore it to one or several different machines. An application that might takes minutes to start up can load classes, initialize its state, be garbage collected, and then checkpoint itself for easy distribution in its warmed-up state. Such applications can be restored and ready to provide services in milliseconds. Speaker will give an overview of Checkpoint-Restore In Userspace (CRUI) a Linux utility that Java checkpointing is based on, present the proposed Java API, then discuss some interesting use cases including precisely checkpointing legacy applications via byteman without modifying the code.

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Christine Flood
Red Hat

Christine H. Flood has been working on programming languages for most of her career from Lisp to Id to Java to Fortress and back to Java again. She wants to improve the user experience either by improving GC efficiency, increasing parallelism, or just providing greater utility.

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Иван Землянский
Иван Землянский

Иван имеет более чем 8-летний опыт работы с Java, начинал как C++ разработчик. Последние 6 лет он работал в сфере финансовых рынков, ранее работал в «Открытие Брокер», где занимался разработкой системы оценки рисков, а позже возглавлял инфраструктурную команду в одном из самых крупных хедж-фондов США. Сейчас Иван пробует себя в новой для себя области Real-time bidding'a.

Volker Simonis

Volker Simonis is a Principal Software Engineer in the Corretto team at Amazon Web Services. He works on Java Virtual Machines since 2004 and is an OpenJDK Member, Reviewer and Committer right from the start. Before joining Amazon he worked for SAP, Sun Microsystems and the University of Tübingen from where he holds a master and PhD degree in Computer Science. He represented SAP in the Executive Committee of the JCP and was a member of the JCP Expert Groups for Java SE 9 to 13. He's a passionate and frequent speaker at conferences around the globe and can easily be contacted at @volker_simonis.