Babashka: A native Clojure interpreter for scripting

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Babashka is a native Clojure interpreter for scripting. It has an instant startup which makes Clojure a viable replacement for the bash. Babashka comes with a handful of useful libraries out of the box, which gives you access to a wide range of features from the Clojure and JVM ecosystem from the command line. The scripting interpreter is written in Clojure itself and compiled to native using GraalVM native-image.

In this talk, we will see how Babashka works internally through a live coding session.

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Michiel Borkent
Doctor Evidence

Michiel Borkent is a fan of functional programming, shell scripting and Clojure. He is the author of clj-kondo, a linter and static analyzer for Clojure. He is also the author of babashka: a fast starting native scripting environment for Clojure. He can be found as @borkdude in various places on the web.

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