Why user-mode threads are (often) the right answer

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Concurrency is the problem of scheduling simultaneous, largely-independent tasks, competing for resources to increase application throughput. Multiple approaches to scalable concurrency are used in various programming languages: using OS threads, asynchronous programming styles ("reactive"), syntactic stackless coroutines (async/await), and user-mode threads (fibres).

This talk will explore the problem, explain why Java has chosen user-mode threads to tackle it and compare the various approaches and the tradeoffs they entail.

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Ron Pressler

Ron works in Oracle's Java Platform Group on OpenJDK, where he is Technical Lead of Project Loom.

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Владимир Иванов

Ведущий инженер в компании Oracle, работает в группе разработки виртуальной Java-машины HotSpot. Специализируется на JIT-компиляции и поддержке альтернативных языков на платформе Java.