Precomputed data access with Micronaut Data

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In this talk the creator of Micronaut will demonstrate Micronaut Data, a new database access technology that provides an innovative new way to access database technologies using Ahead of Time compilation to optimize query performance, throughput, and memory consumption. Through innovative techniques that analyze user source and precompute your application framework infrastructure, Micronaut is changing the way developers think applications should be built and now how developers access their data.


Graeme Rocher
Object Computing

Graeme Rocher is the creator of several popular open source projects including Grails and Micronaut and co-author of "The Definitive Guide to Grails". Graeme currently leads the Grails and Micronaut engineering teams at OCI. Graeme is a member of the Java Champions and 2018 was awarded the Groundbreaker award by Oracle for his work on open source.

Invited Experts

Yuri Artamonov

Until recently, Yuri worked on open framework CUBA Platform, where he devoted a lot of time to architecture and frontend technologies. He taught mobile application development courses and basics of UI/UX for graduate students of Samara University.

Now he works in IntelliJ IDEA team trying to improve lives of developers using various tools. He loves to implement crazy ideas with the slogan "Why not?"

Anton Arhipov

Anton is a Product Manager at JetBrains in the Kotlin project and "Razbor poletov" podcast resident. Professional interests include programming languages, middleware, and developer tooling.