Record in Cassandra — internal structure and performance

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This talk is dedicated to a detailed analysis of how the process of recording to Apache Cassandra database occurs in terms of performance, what are the stages of processing requests, how long they take, what streams are responsible for. This talk covers the current stable version 3.11.x, but will also include information on changes in terms of performance recording made in version 4.0.

The targeted audience — developers and administrators that use Apache Cassandra. The talk will allow you to better understand how Cassandra is arranged internally, what determines its record performance and what are the bottlenecks for this type of request.

Dmitry Konstantinov

A system architect and Java developer from Netcracker company. During the last years participated in many different projects including network management, monitoring and billing. Works a lot with open source technologies like Apache Cassandra, Zookeeper, Kafka, Hazelcast, etc. Professional interests: distributed systems, high performance and high availability.