Contract testing: Should or shouldn't?

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In teams quite often happens that the API changes and breaks other services, tests, UI. At the same time, everyone uses Swagger, go to meetings and agree on everything. But still, something is breaking.

What are the ways to solve the synchronization problem and API changes? This talk will consider approaches to writing contract tests on Spring Cloud Contract, Pact and even using binary protocols. If you are familiar with contract testing but have used one of the above tools, or if you know nothing about contract testing but face the same problems then after the talk you will definitely know more about possible solutions, and how much they are "expensive".

Vsevolod Brekelov
JUG Ru Group

Vsevolod has more than 10 years in IT industry. He tried his hands at different roles and directions. He worked with automated testing, fullstack development in different languages. Some time ago he lived in California and worked under contract at Google. Managed to work with various clients from financial sector. Worked at NEO SPCC startup where he was developing on Go.