Cryptography for a Java programmer

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What we have and how to use it. The possibilities of modern cryptography in JRE and BouncyCastle framework. Examples of using cryptography in different scenarios: optimizing system architecture by turning Statefull into Stateless.

Target audience: middle and senior developers who define the architecture and protocols for the interaction of systems and applications.

After the talk developers will know about cryptography in Java, that it allows solving practical problems and sometimes simplifies life.

Sergey Vladimirov
Sergey Vladimirov

Designed and developed high-performance systems in NetCracker, Odnoklassniki (, Sberbank, lately at NSPK JST (MIR PS operator). Engaged in systems architecture, backend (Java) and even in frontend (ReactJS). Big fan of standard solutions and technology usage even in very non-standard situations. Lector (MIPT), coauthor of study-book and popularizer of cryptography and information security.