JPoint talks

Day 4 / 13:50  / Track 1 / RU /

JPoint 2021 Virtual Party

Zoom session where we will gather all the attendees, speakers, and program committee members and experts. We will sum up the highlights of the conference and chat with each other in an informal setting of a merry crowd, like in good old non-COVID times. The only difference is that it will be in Zoom, because now it’s time of COVID, unfortunately.

Join the link below the player!

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Alexander Kolesnikov Sportmaster
Alexander Kolesnikov
Day 4 / 12:15  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

Migrating Java backend to Kotlin

Alexander will talk about how and why Kotlin has been added to an enterprise project written in Java. This talk will explore technical problems encountered during the migration and the process of adoption of the new language by developers and managers.

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Sergey Tselovalnikov Canva
Sergey Tselovalnikov
Oleh Dokuka VMware
Oleh Dokuka
Day 4 / 10:45  / Track 4 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Workshop: Build Bomberman with RSocket

In this workshop, we will build a distributed multiplayer game system using RSocket and Spring that will host a popular game called Bomberman.

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Vitaly Kutsenko Sber
Vitaly Kutsenko
Day 1 / 18:00  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

EDA with Akka Streams, or how to accelerate problem solving in a few easy steps

We live in a world where developers are required to have their systems process more and more information in less and less time. And so that the implementation of a new solution does not require much effort.

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Dmitry Konstantinov Netcracker
Dmitry Konstantinov
Day 1 / 18:30  / Track 3 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Reading from Cassandra — internals and performance

This talk is about the detailed analysis of how the process of reading from the Apache Cassandra database takes place in terms of performance, what are the stages of processing requests, how long they take, which threads are responsible for what.

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Aleksandr Belokrylov BellSoft
Aleksandr Belokrylov
Alice Drozhzhinova BellSoft
Alice Drozhzhinova
Day 3 / 17:00  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

Secret ingredient: How to triple your user base in a year

BellSoft has integrated the new JEP into JDK16, added the Apple Silicon M1 Liberica JDK to the supported platforms, and released the new Liberica Native Image Kit product. Aleksandr Belokrylov will tell you how and by whom these products are created and what processes allow the company to remain open to the world community.

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Sebastian Daschner
Sebastian Daschner
Day 1 / 17:15  / Track 1 / RU / Введение в технологию

Test code quality is not just nice-to-have

Join Sebastian's live-coding session in Russian!

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Andrei Solntsev Codeborne
Andrei Solntsev
Anton Keks Codeborne
Anton Keks
Day 3 / 17:15  / Track 4 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Workshop: Pair programming

During this workshop, Andrei and Anton will demonstrate pair programming in action and write with you a simple app using TDD (so-called "ping-pong programming").

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Anna Abramova RBC
Anna Abramova
Day 1 / 17:15  / Track 3 / RU / Введение в технологию

Restoring lost expertise of service

Anna will tell about the approaches to restoring the expertise of systems using the example of fictional system written on Java and supporting technologies.

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Alexey Nesterov VMware
Alexey Nesterov
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 3 / RU / Введение в технологию

Spring Cloud in Kubernetes era

Alexey will show what Spring Cloud components may be used in Kubernetes, how these projects complement each other, what they have in common. And finally, he will try to answer the question — what's the value of Spring in Kubernetes era?

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Sergey Tsypanov Levi9
Sergey Tsypanov
Day 2 / 10:45  / Track 3 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Performance: Nuances vs obviousness

The talk about performance, or rather evidence and nuances around it, and about the code behaving unexpectedly and hidden gotchas behind very simple things.

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Dmitry Vdovin  Raiffeisen
Dmitry Vdovin
Day 3 / 18:30  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

Benefits of pair programming

Let's have a look at the benefits of pair programming in teams. Dmitry will show cases where you can use pair programming and what tasks it solves.

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Ilya Sazonov Vsegda.Da
Ilya Sazonov
Fedor Sazonov
Fedor Sazonov
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 4 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Enum in API — The deceit of illusory simplicity

Every software developer knows, that you should use all static type system features in your API. Sometimes, though, you need to make an exception. But developers stumble on a mental block when such a case occurs. To avoid becoming a victim of such a situation, please listen to how enum is going to make your life miserable if used carelessly.

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Kelvin Nilsen AWS
Kelvin Nilsen
Day 1 / 18:30  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Adding generational support to Shenandoah GC

This talk describes some of the workloads that have motivated the generational Shenandoah effort, provides an overview of the algorithms and heuristics that are being implemented and offers a summary overview of the work plan, including the most recent experimental results.

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Dmitry Aleksandrov Oracle
Dmitry Aleksandrov
Aleksandar Seovic Oracle
Aleksandar Seovic
Day 1 / 18:30  / Track 4 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Building scalable microservices for Java using Helidon and Coherence CE

This session will introduce you to Helidon and Coherence Community Edition, summarize recent innovations and work in process, and demonstrate how to use these open source frameworks to build scalable REST, gRPC, and GraphQL microservices.

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Ivan Dolgov JUG Ru Group
Ivan Dolgov
JUG Ru Group
Day 3 / 16:53  / Track 1 / RU /

Conference opening

We will talk about the schedule, sessions, and share the information. Join the broadcast to find out what's on the air soon!

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Alexey Fyodorov JUG Ru Group
Alexey Fyodorov
JUG Ru Group
Gleb Smirnov
Gleb Smirnov
Ivan Ugliansky Huawei
Ivan Ugliansky
Andrei Kogun CROC
Andrei Kogun
Day 2 / 13:45  / Track 1 / RU /

Conference closing

We take stock, remember the bright moments and talk about our plans. Join the broadcast, so you don't miss anything!

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Ivar Grimstad Eclipse Foundation
Ivar Grimstad
Eclipse Foundation
Tanja Obradović Eclipse Foundation
Tanja Obradović
Eclipse Foundation
Day 3 / 19:00  / Track 2 / EN / Введение в технологию

Jakarta EE 9 and beyond

In this session, Ivar and Tanja will go through what Jakarta EE 9 brings to the table and how this release lowers the barriers of entry, eases migration, and lays the foundation for a platform for future innovation.

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Aleksey Babenko Mir Plat.form
Aleksey Babenko
Mir Plat.form
Day 1 / 18:15  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

+10 to Java code safety in 10 minutes

Alexey will tell you what you need to pay special attention to when writing code and developing your applications so that they become more secure and inaccessible to cyber villains.

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Victor Gamov Confluent
Victor Gamov
Day 3 / 19:00  / Track 3 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

You can go your way: Kafka without Zookeeper

In this talk, Viktor will provide a brief overview of what limitations Zookeeper imposed on Kafka architecture, what will be changed, and the current status of Zookeeper removal.

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Ben Evans New Relic
Ben Evans
New Relic
Day 4 / 12:30  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Why you should upgrade your Java for containers

This session is a no-nonsense journey through the main reasons why Java 8 is no longer an acceptable solution — primarily for container deployments but the lessons are applicable more generally.

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Ron Pressler Oracle
Ron Pressler
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 1 / EN / Хардкор. Сложный низкоуровневый доклад, требующий от слушателя знаний технологии.

Why user-mode threads are (often) the right answer

Why async/await is right for some lanugages but user-mode threads are better for Java (and others).

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Christine Flood Red Hat
Christine Flood
Red Hat
Day 1 / 17:15  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

CRIU and Java opportunities and challenges

Checkpointing in Java can help both legacy and cloud users. Christine will show you how to checkpoint a simple application and then restore it to one or several different machines.

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Anna Kozlova JetBrains
Anna Kozlova
Day 2 / 10:45  / Track 4 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Multi-step refactorings in IntelliJ IDEA

With this talk, IntelliJ IDEA users will learn to make better use of their development tool.

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Shelley Lambert Red Hat
Shelley Lambert
Red Hat
Day 1 / 17:15  / Track 4 / EN / Введение в технологию

Dismantling technical debt and hubris

A story about reducing roll-your-own solutions, choosing existing open source tools, and being humble in environments that often favor self-promotion over doing the right thing.

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David Syer VMware
David Syer
Day 3 / 17:15  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Inner loop development with Spring Boot on Kubernetes

In this talk, we will explore tooling and configuration options that get you to the fastest iteration in development (the "inner loop"), making use of all the newest features of Spring Boot, but also of the various tools from the Kubernetes community.

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Kirill Danilov Mir Plat.Form
Kirill Danilov
Mir Plat.Form
Day 3 / 17:15  / Track 3 / RU / Введение в технологию

How we built a high-performance Akka system from scratch: Gentleman's set and pitfalls

Basic steps for building cluster solution on Akka. And what pitfalls developers should know about in advance.

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Victor Rentea Independent Trainer
Victor Rentea
Independent Trainer
Day 4 / 10:45  / Track 1 / EN / Введение в технологию

IntelliJ productivity tips — The secrets of the fastest developers on Earth

The purpose of this presentation is to showcase some tricks that will improve your code writing speed. Victor wants to help you to become faster to feel less guilty when you throw away some experiment, so you can then find the most simple design to solve your problem.

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Anton Kotov Sber
Anton Kotov
Day 2 / 12:15  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

R2DBC. Is it worth it?

During this session, we will try to figure out whether everything is smooth with R2DBC, and what pitfalls may await us in the transition to this specification.

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Anton Keks Codeborne
Anton Keks
Day 4 / 12:30  / Track 1 / RU / Введение в технологию

What is a Working Product and how to make it

In this talk, we will discuss topics such as developer usability, unit testing, and popular anti-patterns. Anton wants to draw your attention to how to make products maintainable.

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Alexey Fyodorov JUG Ru Group
Alexey Fyodorov
JUG Ru Group
Gleb Smirnov
Gleb Smirnov
Andrei Kogun CROC
Andrei Kogun
Day 5 / 12:00  / Track 1 / RU /

JPoint 2021 conference end

We will discuss what was good and what can be done even better, we will speak about the next season, and without a single word about ducks!

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Josh Long VMware
Josh Long
Day 2 / 10:45  / Track 1 / EN / Введение в технологию

Reactive Spring

Join your guide, Spring developer advocate Josh Long, to explore the wacky, wonderful world of Reactive Spring together.

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Jean-Philippe Bempel Datadog
Jean-Philippe Bempel
Day 4 / 10:45  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Real World JFR: Experiences building and deploying a continuous profiler at scale

This talk will discuss things to consider when using JFR to profile hundreds of thousands of JVMs in mission-critical systems all over the world.

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Piotr Przybył
Piotr Przybył
Day 4 / 12:30  / Track 3 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Java Records for the intrigued

Java 14 brought Records as one of the preview features, and in Java 16 they're a standard feature. Is that the case? What one can do with records and what can't? What about reflection and serializations? You will learn in this session.

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Kirill Skrygan JetBrains
Kirill Skrygan
Day 5 / 11:45  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

Code With Me — new platform for remote collaborative development

Компания JetBrains выпускает этой весной прицнипиально новую функциональность для всех своих продуктов — Code With Me. Это платформа для коллаборативной работы — неважно, парное ли это программирование, обучение классов, воркшопы, или mob-программирование. Какое значение это имеет для рядовых разработчиков и для IT-организаций? Как эта штука устроена внутри? Какая история и какое будущее у Code With Me? Обо всех этих вещах расскажет лид проекта, Кирилл Скрыган.

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Igor Braga IBM
Igor Braga
Jonathan Oommen IBM
Jonathan Oommen
Day 3 / 17:15  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

GC optimizations you never knew existed

You're probably familiar with the well-known Garbage Collection policies such as CMS, G1, Shenandoah, ZGC, gencon, balanced, etc. This talk is meant to demystify some of these optimizations that even though might be transparent to a JVM user, makes a tremendous performance impact.

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Simon Ritter Azul Systems
Simon Ritter
Azul Systems
Day 2 / 10:45  / Track 2 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

Getting the most from modern Java

This session will cover all of the new language features in Java since the last Long-Term Support release. We'll also cover the main new library APIs from small changes like the teeing collector to whole new libraries like the Foreign Function Interface.

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Evgeny Borisov EPAM
Evgeny Borisov
Day 5 / 10:45  / Track 1 / RU / Для практикующих инженеров

Spring Data Postroitel' (Spark it!)

Do you want to understand how Spring Data works? Evgeny Borisov suggests writing analog to understand how Spring Data works.

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Petr Gromov JetBrains
Petr Gromov
Day 4 / 10:45  / Track 3 / RU / Введение в технологию

What languages are IDE-friendly?

We'll see how some language (and framework) design choices affect IDE features and performance.

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Anatoly Tarakanov Sber
Anatoly Tarakanov
Day 2 / 12:00  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

1000 and 1 way to strand in Spring WebFlux when writing a high-performance service

Anatoly will share his experience of using reactive frameworks to solve business problems in the field of creating voice assistants using the example of the orchestrator service, which is an entry point into the ecosystem for users of the Salyut family of voice assistants.

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Aleksandr Zolotov Accenture
Aleksandr Zolotov
Day 4 / 12:00  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

MSA & feature flags. Kafka, flags and "faster in production"

We will talk about a microservice architecture approach to managing feature flags in a project using Apache Kafka.

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Valeria Andrianova JetBrains
Valeria Andrianova
Day 2 / 10:30  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

Presentation of JetBrains Space, a universal platform for teamwork

Valeria Andrianova, Product Marketing Manager, will show you how Space works and how it helps development teams create cool products and communicate more effectively.

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Lilia Valeyko Deutsche Bank
Lilia Valeyko
Deutsche Bank
Sergey Budnik Deutsche Bank
Sergey Budnik
Deutsche Bank
Day 3 / 18:45  / Track 1 / RU / От партнера

I am a developer. I don't write tests

The developers are always told to write texts and to be responsible for the quality. But is that true? During this session, we will try to dismember the testing pyramid, dig into the code and see where it takes us.

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Michiel Borkent Doctor Evidence
Michiel Borkent
Doctor Evidence
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 2 / EN / Введение в технологию

Babashka: A native Clojure interpreter for scripting

Babashka is a native Clojure interpreter for scripting. It is compiled to native using GraalVM native-image. In this talk, we will see how Babashka works internally through a live coding session.

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Paul Bakker Netflix
Paul Bakker
Day 1 / 18:30  / Track 1 / EN / Для практикующих инженеров

The DGS framework by Netflix GraphQL for Spring Boot made easy

During the talk, we'll talk about how Netflix is using GraphQL and how they've found it to be useful.

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Venkat Subramaniam Agile Developer, Inc.
Venkat Subramaniam
Agile Developer, Inc.
Day 3 / 19:00  / Track 1 / EN / Введение в технологию

Type inference: Friend or foe?

This presentation includes the details of Java 10 type inference but certainly will not limit to it. We will step back and discuss type inference from the programmer's point of view and work through the benefits and caveats.

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