Restoring lost expertise of service

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Quite often, if you do not go to startup or re-founded subdivision of the company (team or department), you have to face so-called legacy (old code or sometimes technologies).

You are lucky if this system is described at least partially. But what if it is not? What if you know nothing about it?

Anna will tell about the approaches to restoring the expertise of systems using the example of fictional system written on Java and supporting technologies.

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Anna Abramova
Anna Abramova

Shifted to mediatech from fintech. Graduted from CMC of MSU named after Lomonosov. Started career in IT as C++ programmer. Currently working as the head of software development department at RBC. Hands on Java, React, Python and AI.

Invited Experts

Marharyta Nedzelska

Margarita is a big Kotlin fan and Kotlin GDE. Knows both conference sides: speaking and organizing. Organized a KUG in her native city Kyiv because she believes in Knowledge Sharing and Collective Intelligence. For her everyday job, she's building Static Code Analysis tools for Java/Kotlin/Scala and other languages.