Dismantling technical debt and hubris

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Software development is riddled with people who choose to write their solutions, even when there are valid existing alternatives. These developers are confident their solution is better. Most times they are wrong. This duplication and unnecessary activity lead to an accumulation of technical debt that is often owned by others. Examples are drawn from 25 years (as old as Java itself) of technical debt and hubris in the software verification space.
This is a story about reducing roll-your-own solutions, choosing existing open source tools, and being humble in environments that often favor self-promotion over doing the right thing.

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Shelley Lambert
Red Hat

Shelley Lambert serves on the TSC of AdoptOpenJDK (soon Eclipse Adoptium) and is a technical lead and committer at that open-source project, along with the Eclipse OpenJ9 project. Moving from developing network management software for the telco industry, she worked as a JVM developer and then Global Verification Lead for IBM. She initiated and now drives the AQA (Adopt Quality Assurance) program at AdoptOpenJDK as a Red Hatter.

Invited Experts

Ivan Krylov

Ivan Krylov is a JVM developer for the last 15 years. Ivan specialises in JIT compiler infrastructure and AOT compilation.