Performance: Nuances vs obviousness

Day 2 /  / Track 3  /  RU / For practicing engineers

Talk about nuances and obvious things about performance. Sergey will demonstrate very simple code snippets, surprises, and pitfalls. The talk also shows how obvious improvements can degrade performance. Targeted audience — developers engaged or interested in performance.

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Sergey Tsypanov
Sergey Tsypanov

Sergey is a Java developer in Levi9. The main direction of professional development is the solving of performance-related issues.

Invited Experts

Sergey Melnikov
Sergey Melnikov

Sergey works on a high-frequency trading application at Raiffeisenbank since 2016. Basically, he's into speeding up the existing and writing the new low-latency Java code. Before that he worked at Intel as an engineer for the compilers' performance for C / C ++ / FORTRAN languages.