R2DBC. Is it worth it?

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Reactive programming does not stand still, in particular, the direction of transferring interaction with relational databases to a reactive approach is now developing. For this, a special specification R2DBC is being developed, which, in comparison with the well-known JDBC standard, allows working with SQL databases using the reactive API. On the Internet, you can find beautiful articles with comparative graphs of the interaction of these technologies. During this session, we will try to figure out whether everything is smooth with R2DBC, and what pitfalls may await us in the transition to this specification.


Anton Kotov
Anton Kotov

Anton has been writing in Java for the last 8 years, before that he worked at Deutsche Bank and Yandex, now at Sberbank he is developing platform backend services for the SmartMarket application catalog. Likes to look for weak spots in the code, fix memory leaks and solve other performance problems.