IntelliJ productivity tips — The secrets of the fastest developers on Earth

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Remember your first day driving without your instructor? Were you able to think about the optimal path through the city or were you focused on shifting gears and handling all the stimulus you were facing? The same happens when driving IntelliJ. It's just that you didn't know that you're driving a Bugatti!

The purpose of this presentation is to showcase some tricks that will improve your code writing speed. But let's make it clear: the goal is not to finish the work faster. No. But to be able to explore a design idea or some refactoring without investing precious time and/or emotional involvement. Victor wants to help you to become faster to feel less guilty when you throw away some experiment, so you can then find the most simple design to solve your problem.


Victor Rentea
Independent Trainer

Sr. Architect, Developer and Technical Lead at IBM, for major client. Independent Trainer and Coach. Faculty Lecturer ("Design Patterns"). PhD(CS).

A passionate Clean Coder with a very dynamic and interactive presentation style, spiced with jokes, metaphors and easy-to-remember visual representations. Having delivered hundreds of hours of training and coaching for major players in enterprise Java development, Victor got to introspect a huge variety of enterprise projects. His quest is to make you think deeply, learn to introspect your design.