What is a Working Product and how to make it

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In the beginning, there was an Agile Manifesto that proclaimed that a Working Product is more important than Comprehensive Documentation. Then there was the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto, adding that a Working Product must also be Craftsmanship. But what does this all mean?

Anton seems that 20 years after the publication of the Agile manifesto developers still don't know how to make products work. Almost every project that Anton encounters has problems even with an elementary launch. How can you improve something in a project if it does not even start?!

In this talk, we will discuss topics such as developer usability, unit testing, and popular anti-patterns. Anton wants to draw your attention to how to make products maintainable.

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Anton Keks

Anton Keks is a software craftsman, co-founder of Codeborne, the only extreme programming shop in the region, frequent speaker at conferences, and a lecturer in Tallinn Technical University. He is also a strong believer in open source software and agile development methodologies, author of a popular network tool — Angry IP Scanner, and a regular contributor to other open source projects.

Before founding Codeborne, Anton has led a team of developers of the award-winning internet-bank of Swedbank for 5 years, gradually introducing agile methods. During this time he has also co-founded Agile Estonia — non-profit organization that holds regular agile conferences in Estonia. During spare time he plays guitar, rides motorbike and travels to remote corners of the world.

Invited Experts

Andrei Solntsev

Software craftsman at Codeborne (Tallinn, Estonia). Aggressive fan of extreme programming, autotests, pair programming and clean code. Creator of Selenide — an open-source library for UI tests in Java. Organizer of devclub.eu. Frequent speaker at conferences: DevClub, Agile Saturday, XP Days Kiev, SeleniumCamp, Nordic Testing Days, TopConf, DevConFu, Devoxx.