Spring Data Postroitel' (Spark it!)

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This talk is not about Spark or Big Data. It can be attributed to a series of rippers and builders. What are we going to build and gut at the same time today? Spring Data. It has leaked into most projects, bribing with its simplicity and convenient standard, which saves us from having to learn new syntax and approaches of different mechanisms.

Do you want to understand how Spring Data makes its magic? Let's try to write our analog. JPA, Mongo, Cassandra, Elastic, Neo4j, and other popular engines already have their starter for Spring Data, but somehow they forgot Spark. Let's fix this injustice. It's not a fact that something useful will turn out, but we will understand how Spring Data works.

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Evgeny Borisov

Evgeny is developing on Java almost 20 years. Over the years he participated in a lot of enterprise projects, several years he was a consiltant, opened his startup, lead thousands of trainings and dozens of talks, now he's the lead of the EPAM Israeli development department.

Invited Experts

Andrei Kogun

Andrei has been working in IT for more than 15 years, head of the Java developers at CROC. During his career he took part in many custom development projects, mainly e-document flow systems and business processes automatization for several big Russian companies as a senior developer and an architect. At the universities of Moscow, he delivers lectures in development basics with the use of Java technologies. Organizer and leader of Moscow Java developers community.

Gena Zaytsev
Gena Zaytsev

Senior Big Data Developer who has extensive experience working with Spring and Big Data in various companies. Loves clean code and well-organized architecture, always looking for elegant solutions.