Enum in API — The deceit of illusory simplicity

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When you put a small enum in your API, it seems that everything is fine and will always always be. But one small enum for a developer is a large step into the unknown for a system of microservices.

Experience has shown, that not everybody knows the problem. And not all who do, agree on how to solve it and how to do it. Because enum makes life difficult from time to time, not constantly. And it always seems that any competent developer could address the situation within a couple of hours. But actually, you have to spend quite a bit of time because a ready-made solution doesn't exist.

Do you want to know what the fuss is about and look at the code, which solves the matter? Then come and see! Speakers will tell you everything and also we will write the code, which demonstrates an ad hoc solution for Rest API using Spring Boot and Jackson.

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Ilya Sazonov
Ilya Sazonov

Software Developer. Ilya has been involved in the backend for most of his career, but he also managed to work on patent research and even dive into game development for a short time. He has a lot of interest in organizing aggressively developed projects with many participants involved. Currently works in fintech as a backend Tech Lead in Vsegda.Da.

Fedor Sazonov
Fedor Sazonov

Java developer. During his career, worked both on a simple backend for web pages and high-performance servers for online multiplayer mobile shooters. Deeply imbued with this topic and now Fedor advises on the creation of game solutions.

He also worked in several startups, where took an active part in building processes for the development and delivery of a product to end-users.

Invited Experts

Yuri Artamonov

For the last 10 years Yuriy have been developing libraries, frameworks and tools for developers. As part of his academic activities, he mentored applied math students from the Samara University.

Now he works in IntelliJ IDEA team trying to improve lives of developers using various tools. Author of the Selenium UI Testing plugin and maintainer of the Gauge for IntelliJ IDEA support.