What languages are IDE-friendly?

Day 4 /  / Track 3  /  RU / Introduction to technology

Some languages are much easier to support in an IDE than others. Their respective plugins have more features and work faster. That turns out to heavily depend on the language design. We'll look at various languages (Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, C++, PHP, Haskell, etc) and framework features and investigate which of them are mostly harmless and which can severely upset the IDE, its developers, and users.

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Petr Gromov

Petr has been working at JetBrains for 17 years, most of them dealing with IntelliJ platform, supporting various languages and improving performance. GitHub — donnerpeter.

Invited Experts

Daniil Ovchinnikov

Developer at JetBrains, making API for language plugins and interlanguage interaction in IntelliJ Platform. For some time ago he developed a plugin for Groovy.