Workshop: Build Bomberman with RSocket

Day 4 /  / Track 4  /  RU / For practicing engineers

The workshop is aimed at developers of microservices and distributed systems who are interested in getting to know RSocket-Java and RSocket-JS closely in practice, trying different features of these technologies, and understanding their use for building fast and fault-tolerant systems.

In this workshop, you will encounter RSocket-JS on the browser side and develop some of the logic related to interacting with remote players, as well as an intermediate server. You will also create a clustering and sharding mechanism that allows players to connect in the same game space. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the possibility of changing transport to achieve more efficient interaction between the client-server and the server-server.

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Sergey Tselovalnikov

Software engineer. A big fan of the JVM platform, distributed systems, and functional programming. Previously worked at Naumen, JetBrains. Sergey joined the infrastructure team at Canva in 2016 and helped Canva services scale to the state where they can reliably serve tens of millions of users.

Oleh Dokuka

Fan of Reactive. Works on RSocket and improves Project Reactor along the way. Co-author of the book "Hands‑On Reactive Programming in Spring 5". Java Champion.