1000 and 1 way to strand in Spring WebFlux when writing a high-performance service

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Recently, reactive programming has been gaining popularity. This is evidenced by the continuously growing support from libraries (RxJava, Project Reactor) and frameworks (Spring WebFlux). The Internet is full of beautiful articles with comparative graphs of the performance of reactive and imperative approaches. Anatoly will share his experience of using reactive frameworks to solve business problems in the field of creating voice assistants using the example of the orchestrator service, which is an entry point into the ecosystem for users of the Salyut family of voice assistants.


Anatoly Tarakanov
Anatoly Tarakanov

Develops reactive high-performance services in the ecosystem of the Salyut family of voice assistants. Experienced in writing a complex microservice architecture (100+ services) in the context of Big Data. Likes to challenge himself by plunging into a new framework or programming language in the process of developing a business solution.