Dmitrii Kovalev

Dmitrii Kovalev

Company: SberDevices

Engineer, teacher, researcher, leader and musician. Dmitrii graduated from Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes at MIPT (2020).

He worked at Sber Risk on fair value and risk metrics calculation, at Natera Biotech on genome analysis and genetic variant management, and at SberDevices on recommendation systems.

From 2008 to 2010 he worked as an artist of the Kaluga Regional Philharmonic Male Academic Choir, where he sang in the bass part.

Since 2016, Dmitrii has been teaching the course "Multiprocessor Programming and Parallel Algorithms" at the BIT department (a joint educational programme of FPMI and SberTech) of FPMI MIPT, which he took over as deputy head of the department in 2023.

Dmitry has supervised more than 20 Master's theses and Bachelor's theses. His research interests include not only multithreading and distributed systems, but also generative modelling, and his passion for music led him to switch from timeliness and Java to machine learning a year ago.

Now he develops multimodal models for music generation in RnD ML SberDevices.

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