Roman Elizarov

Roman Elizarov

Company: Yandex

Roman is an expert in concurrent and distributed programming, teaching the corresponding course at St. Petersburg ITMO. Roman has been developing high-load systems for exchanges and brokers at Devexperts for 15 years, primarily using Java.

In the recent past, Roman worked for 7 years at JetBrains, where he led a team working on the Kotlin language, focusing on the design of the language and libraries, and is the author of coroutines in Kotlin — a mechanism for asynchronous programming.

Currently, Roman leads the development experience department of the E-com and ridetech business group of Yandex, where he is responsible for experience and happiness of developers.

Roman participates in the ASK EXPERT activity in the offline part of the conference.

He will be advising on the following topics:

  • All about Kotlin design.
  • Asynchronous programming.
  • Parallel data structures without locks.
  • Distributed highly loaded systems.

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