Rustam Kuramshin

Rustam Kuramshin

Company: Operator Gazprom ID

Rustam has been in IT for more than 10 years. Head of the development team at Operator Gazprom ID.

Rustam graduated from the Institute of Computer Technology and Information Security of Southern Federal University. He has worked in system administration, programmed for 1C, done backend development at such companies as Rosprom, TradingView, WinNER, Sber, InfraTech. At some point, he realized that backend development was his vocation.

Rustam loves to try new technologies. He has written in Go, JS/TypeScript (Node.js), PHP, Java, Groovy, Kotlin. Fan of Kotlin. He loves Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Native and all things DevOps related.

Asynchronous programming and non-blocking IO are his favorite things to work with. At Sber, Rustam developed some of the backend services of SberBusiness online banking on the non-blocking Spring WebFlux stack. There he also got the chance to popularize the Kotlin language and take part in meetups. Rustam was an expert in the SberProfi Java Development community. He founded the Kotlin language community at Sber.

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