Vladimir Voskresensky

Vladimir Voskresensky

Company: Sber

Vladimir has been in IT for 25 years, the last 20 of them — in the Java world. He worked his way up from a developer to Principal Engineer as a NetBeans C/C++ IDE and Oracle Solaris Studio IDE technical lead at Sun and Oracle. When working on Java application performance, there were many questions about the JVM and its internals, so Vladimir immersed himself in the world of JVM development at Azul Systems, where he became the first Distinguished Engineer in the company's history. After Azul left Russia, Vladimir and his team joined Sber to build an independent Russian software stack.

Vladimir participates in the ASK EXPERT activity in the offline part of the conference.

He will be advising on the following topics:

  • JVM internals.
  • A career as a JVM engineer.
  • JIT.

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