Maxim Gorelikov

Maxim Gorelikov


Maxim has developed "everything" for more than 10 years, starting from C/C++ and geophysics. Now — mostly JVM languages, a little JS and financial services. Mainly, he uses Spring ecosystem in development, but sometimes needs alternatives, so tries anything he finds good on GitHub.

Maxim wants to understand how applications work all the way from start to finish, so is interested in architecture, infrastructure, and deployment and support processes. Very appreciative of DevOps as a methodology.

Maxim participates in the ASK EXPERT activity in the offline part of the conference.

He will be advising on the following topics:

  • Architecture (microservices, monoliths, system architecture patterns).
  • Monitoring and observability tools and techniques — what "hurts" during crashes.
  • MongoDB.
  • gRPC.

Talks from 2024 season