Alexander Nozik

Alexander Nozik

Company: MIPT

When he was in school, he had three hobbies: board role-playing games, physics, and programming. When it came time to choose a profession, he chose physics, thinking that it was more interesting. He was not mistaken. But as a result, he is now doing programming in physics.

Now he teaches physics, mathematical statistics, and Kotlin at MIPT. He is the director of the Scientific Programming Center at MIPT and former team lead in JetBrains Research, where he is engaged in the creation of scientific software.

He has a Ph.D. in particle physics, and more than 18 years of development experience, including commercial development. Mostly Java, but the last 7 years in Kotlin, other than that, Python, Groovy, Julia, and so on. Kotlin GDE in 2021.

Leader of the Moscow KUG (Kotlin User Group).  

Alexander participates in the ASK EXPERT activity in the offline part of the conference.

He will be advising on the following topics:

  • Scientific programming.
  • Kotlin in general and full-stack in particular.
  • The junction of R&D with industry and education.
  • Modelling.
  • Data collection and processing systems.

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