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Alexey Zinoviev

Alexey Zinoviev


Since 2012 worked on projects where computation was done on more than one machine and used Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Hive.

By 2019 became PMC-member (Project Management Committee) on the Apache Ignite project, after building much of the ML framework and Spark-Ignite integration for this in-memory distirbuted database.

In 2020-2022 worked at JetBrains on the Kotlin for Data Science team, laying the foundations for the Kotlin Deep Learning Library (KotlinDL), the Keras analog over the TensorFlow computational kernel.

Currently working on OSS projects of Java API for TensorFlow, SparkML on Kotlin, KotlinDL, as well as practical tasks in the areas of Object Detection and Test Generation using ML/DL.