Kotlin coroutines

Day 2 /  / Track 4  /  RU / Hardcore. Really hard and demanding talk, you'll understand only if you're an experienced engineer.

Asynchronous programming is on the rise. Modern software systems are connected and constantly communicate. Programming languages add some form of asynchronous programming like async/await. However, Kotlin has taken a fresh approach to this problem with Kotlin Coroutines.

In this talk, we’ll study various approaches to asynchronous programming, their evolution, differences and similarities. We’ll see the problem with the traditional async/await approach based on futures/promises and how the Kotlin’s solution that is based on concepts of coroutines and continuations gives us safer and easier programming model.

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Roman Elizarov

Kotlin developer at JetBrains company, concurrency expert. Before JetBrains was into software development for brokerage and exchanges at Devexperts. Member of the international organizing committee of the ACM ICPC Finals. Winner of the Presidential award in education. Java Champion.