Wishing for something strange — Java web UI for desktop applications

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Why do we still need desktop applications, with the web being so great and powerful? It’s simple: all variety of peripherals is available for these apps — scanners, printers, telephony, specific devices, as well as the whole power of desktop system — HDD, memory, and CPU. Desktop applications won’t crash after an ordinary browser update, they allow you to work normally while being offline. Thus, the world still needs desktop applications.

As the experience of guys from GitHub and Slack shows, you need and you must make cool desktop apps on web stack. But here’s the rub — you need to write eeeverything in JavaScript. We don’t need to remind you how many developers like JavaScript. As for Java, we’ll try to make it friends with these new crazy web technologies for desktop systems and see when this approach can be applied.

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Yuri Artamonov
Yuri Artamonov
CUBA Platform

For the last couple of years Yuri is one of the key developers of the open source framework CUBA Platform, actively participates in the platform architecture development and specializes in frontend technologies. Teaches a university course of application development for mobile devices in Samara.