Idiomatic Kotlin: from formatting till DSL

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It's not so hard to start using Kotlin — it's like Java, so your experience will easily let you start programming in Java style. In this talk, you'll learn about Kotlin and its standard library's abilities, which will level you up and let you write a really concise and expressive code. The combination of these features allows you to build (on the basis of Kotlin) the so-called "domain-oriented languages", due to which you can declaratively express complex sets of instructions. We’ll look at a few examples of such languages and how you can create them by yourself.

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Dmitry Jemerov
Dmitry Jemerov

While working at JetBrains since 2003, Dmitry Jemerov has participated in the development of various company's products, like IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and Kotlin. Now he leads a team that is responsible for Kotlin development tools (IDE plugins and build systems). Besides, Dmitry coauthored a book called "Kotlin in Action".