Escaping developer nightmares

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Have you ever worked on a legacy project, like lots of source code, but no unit tests? Or no continuous delivery? Static code analysis completely missing, or even a simple code standard totally absent? Were you told that is gold-plating, or simply too much work to fix?

We will review the typical errors and shortcomings I’ve seen in many projects, as well as explain why these points are important. The goal is to help developers on these projects understand why it is important and how to motivate everyone else who does not want to introduce basic things, like code standard, automatic tests (all levels), deployment environments, automatic building systems; to more advanced aspects that are vital in all development projects.

Lots of war stories and experience reports.

Rustam Mehmandarov
Rustam Mehmandarov
Computas AS

Passionate computer scientist. Leader of JavaZone. During the past years, heavily involved in the Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin, being the leader, second-in-command, and a board member.

One of the founders and organizers of Arctic IoT Challenge. Principal engineer, and a competency network coordinator for IT architecture and integration at work.

Community builder. Course instructor. Speaker. Java Champion.