Diving into Internet of Things with Java 9

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Slowly but inevitably Internet of Things comes into our lives. Java holds its positions not only as a backend technology but also as a gateway platform. Java 9 in addition to modularity brought a whole range of priceless functionality for developing IoT solutions. This talk will give you the tools to build compact apps for gathering and pre-processing streaming data on devices.

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Alexander Belokrylov
Alexander Belokrylov

Works in IT for more than 15 years, having gone from an engineer to a manager. At Oracle Alexander led the Java ME Embedded development and later one of the Oracle IoT Cloud Service components development. In 2017 he co-founded BellSoft — a company that makes Liberica (a binary distribution of OpenJDK for ARM processors) and develops Big Data/IoT solutions.

Has previously spoken on JPoint, Joker, JavaOne, JEEConf and many other events.