JPoint 2017
JPoint — Java conference
Moscow, April 7-8, 2017
World Trade Center.

About JPoint

JPoint is large international Java conference for experienced Java developers. In 2017, the conference will be held for the fifth consecutive year. JPoint grows, becomes even more exciting and hardcore every year. The conference brings together more than 1000 participants.

All the talks of JPoint are always on demanded technologies in Java. Main topics of the conference are performance, concurrency, testing, distributed systems and high loads in the Java world, and the future of the platform.

As any other conference, JPoint has its prehistory. For many years, there is a Java developers’ community JUG (Java User Groups) all over the world. Russian JUG, existing since 1999, has experienced in recent years and has gone through a reincarnation of a powerful authoritative organization. And finally, took over the task of organizing professional Java world-class conferences in Russia, such as JPoint.

JPoint talks