Adam Bien

Adam Bien


Adam Bien is working as a freelancer with Java since JDK 1.0, with Servlets/EJB since 1.0 and before the advent of J2EE in several large-scale applications. He's an architect and developer (with usually 20/80 distribution) in Java (SE/EE/FX) projects.

He has written several books about JavaFX, J2EE, and Java EE, and he's the author of Real World Java EE Patterns—Rethinking Best Practices and Real World Java EE Night Hacks—Dissecting the Business Tier. He's writing books and articles during travels and sometimes even unproductive meetings.

In Adam's leisure, he participates in the JCP as an Expert Group member for the Java EE 6 and 7, EJB 3.X, JAX-RS, CDI, and JPA 2.X JSRs.

Выступления в сезоне 2020