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Single Entry Point or Point of Failure: Non-blocking API Gateway Path

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Let's talk about choosing an API Gateway for your project. About when it becomes necessary to use Gateway in principle and its main tasks. What is currently on the market, in open source and what is used by most companies at the moment.

Let's see a real example of Gateway evolution in a company from Nginx + monolith to Spring Boot + Neflix Zuul + Microservices to reactive Spring Cloud Gateway. In real time, we will make a Gateway project based on Zuul and implement business features using a servlet stack, while analyzing developers' mistakes in parallel. Let's evaluate the performance and analyze the problems associated with the blocking API. Let's rewrite our project on Spring Cloud Gateway without losing functionality, and also expand it using modern gateway features. Let's figure out how to write filters now without ServletRequest and ServletResponse. We will also connect the resilience4j circuit breaker and evaluate the results.

Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud.

Target audience: Middle-to-Senior backend developers working or planning to work on projects with a developed microservice architecture and making steps towards the reactive stack.


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