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JPoint 2023 TechRadar: Development Environment

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What tools should be in the arsenal of a modern Java developer? Can some tools be individually chosen by a developer or should everything be coordinated and aligned with the team? Where, in the age of the Internet, are the boundaries between working on a local machine and working in the cloud? How to effectively organize your working day so that you can keep up with everything? What productivity tools can help with this? What plugins to use with IDEs and which IDE is the best? (Spoiler: IDEA!) What's the best way to debug remote code? Is it true that Git beats everyone and what to do with the vast amount of functionality it offers? Where should I direct alerts: to dev/null or messenger? And is it only from the frontend right to direct metrics to Sentry?

Let's talk about all this and more in the Main Studio as part of the discussion, code-named JPoint 2023 TechRadar.