Nikolay Igotti

Nikolay Igotti

Company: RRI

Developer of UI frameworks, compilers and virtual machines, former technical lead of the Compose Multiplatform and Kotlin/Native projects. Nikolay has taught at the St. Petersburg Academic University and Computer Science Club at the OMI of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 1998, he graduated from the Physics Department of St. Petersburg State University, then studied Computer Science at Stanford University while working at Sun Microsystems. After that he worked in leading international IT corporations: EMC, Oracle, Google.

He has a wide range of experience in system software development, and has worked on the Java HotSpot virtual machine, VirtualBox hypervisor, high-performance storage systems, and Mozilla and Chrome browsers.

His research and engineering interests include incremental computing, dynamic user interface description, runtime systems, compilers, virtual machines, and new paradigms for organising competitive computing.

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