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Alexander Nozik

Alexander Nozik


When he was in school, he had three hobbies: board role-playing games, physics, and programming. When it came time to choose a profession, he chose physics, thinking that it was more interesting. He was not mistaken. But as a result, he is now doing programming in physics.

Now he teach physics, mathematical statistics, and Kotlin at MIPT. He is director of the Scientific Programming Center at MIPT and ex-director of JetBrains Research, where he is engaged in the creation of scientific software.

He has a Ph.D. in particle physics, more than 12 years of development experience, including commercial development. Mostly Java, but the last 4 years in Kotlin, other than that, Python, Groovy, Julia, and so on. Kotlin GDE in 2021.

Leader of the Moscow KUG.