Let's make some 0xCAFEBABE — test-driven bytecode engineering

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Creating or manipulating Java bytecode can be tricky when working with low-level libraries like ASM. Writing and maintaining tools on bytecode level should therefore always be guided by comprehensive tests.

In this session we will learn how bytecode manipulation can be implemented in a test-driven approach. With many code examples we will see practical techniques for real projects.

Marc Hoffmann
mtrail GmbH

Marc is the initial author of the JaCoCo project. Working on bytecode analysis for over than 10 years he became almost a bytecode native speaker. He is a frequent speaker at various international conferences. For his contributions to Java community he became a Java Champion in 2014. In his day job at mtrail Marc works on Java-based solutions to control trains on European railroad networks.

Евгений Мандриков

Евгений участвует в различных проектах с открытым исходным кодом и выступает на международных конференциях и JUG-ах. Он является одним из ведущих разработчиков JaCoCo, а также руководителем проекта EclEmma в Eclipse Foundation, интегрирующего JaCoCo в Eclipse IDE. В своей повседневной работе в SonarSource Евгений занимается разработкой статических анализаторов кода для таких языков, как Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript.