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We are interested in talks related to the following topics:

  • JVM/JDK/VM Runtime (Internals of Java, JDK, OpenJDK, HotSpot, GC, Javac, etc.)
  • Java 9/10
  • Reactive Java
  • DevOps (CI/CD, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef)
  • JVM languages (Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Groovy)
  • Microservices/Application architecture and design patterns
  • Cloud applications (AWS, Azure, Heroku)
  • Frameworks (Spring, Spark, Kafka, ELK, Hibernate, Vaadin)
  • Application performance and optimizations
  • Big Data/Data processing
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Case studies: Scalable, High-performance, Fault-tolerant systems
  • Debugging and Monitoring (New Relic, BPF, Dynatrace)
  • Developer Tools (IDE, Profiler, XRebel, Liquibase, Flyway)
  • Data storages (PostgreSQL, Druid, Oracle DB, Cassandra, Hazelcast, etc.)

If you’d like to give a talk at the conference, read the memo for speakers.

We reserve the right to edit lexical and grammatical flaws in texts you will send.

The call for submissions closes on January 17, 2018

Your talk

The title should be clear and reflect the essence of the talk. Remember: brevity is the soul of wit.

Include enough details about your talk, but be concise and clearly state: describe technologies that will be covered, purpose of the talk (problem and its solutions, etc.), target audience, audience takeaway.
Don't make your talk like a sales pitch. We're looking for a technical talk rather than a marketing.

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